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What is eyesity?

Eyesity is a comprehensive system of parental protection, which will allow you to control your child's actions on the computer, the tablet and the phone.

Eyesity immediately after the installation blocks the access to dangerous content such as pornography and violence. You can set time limits on the use of websites and applications. For example, you want Facebook to be available only for an hour a day.

Android device protection

Eyesity, in addition to computer monitoring, also allows you to monitor the child's device equipped with the Android system. This may be, for example, a mobile phone or a tablet.

The installation on your child's device is simple, it takes less than a minute.

Dangerous content seen by children.

While surfing on the Internet child can be exposed to dangerous content such as pornography, violence or pirate software. All of those things can be obstacle for healthy development of a child.

Parental control software Eyesity blocks access to dangerous sites and contents immediately after installation.

Spending too much time with computer.

Children often don’t know what is healthy and good for their development. Having access to the computer, while their parents are working, their often abuse computer.

With Eyesity one can set daily limits on using the computer. There is also possible to set limits for particular websites, for instance facebook can be available only for 30 minutes a day.

Many devices. One parental control software.

Technology is everywhere. There are many modern devices on the market. They let child surfing on the internet all the time, 24 hours a day. Children often abuse possibilities offering by modern technology.

You can install Eyesity on every device your children has. On the computer, laptop, smartphone or even tablet. You can monitor all those devices on Parental Portal.

Protection while you are working.

What is your child doing while you are working? Maybe he is playing football with other children or maybe he is watching porn movies on his notebook?

When you use eyesity you can see what your child is really doing on his computer. It is possible to block dangerous content, such as pornography and violence. You can also check children GPS position from Android device.

The computer addiction is the most common mental disorder in the XXI century.
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